Bug: v2 use subnavbar-buttons to navigate routable tabs (active not working)


i use subnavbar:

  <div class="subnavbar ios-only">
        <div class="subnavbar-inner">
          <div class="segmented segmented-raised">
            <a href="./" class="tab-link button" data-route-tab-id="tab1">Allgemein</a>
            <a href="tab2/" class="tab-link button" data-route-tab-id="tab2">Tabelle</a>
            <a href="tab3/" class="tab-link button" data-route-tab-id="tab3">Spiele</a>
   ... some more code ....
  <div class="toolbar tabbar md-only">
    <div class="toolbar-inner">
      <a href="./" class="tab-link" data-route-tab-id="tab1">Allgemein</a>
      <a href="tab2/" class="tab-link" data-route-tab-id="tab2">Tabelle</a>
      <a href="tab3/" class="tab-link" data-route-tab-id="tab3">Spiele</a>
<div class="tabs tabs-routable">
    <div class="page-content tab" id="tab1">
    <div class="page-content tab" id="tab2">
    <div class="page-content tab" id="tab3">

but the systems seems to have problems with setting the buttons to “active” state.
you fixed this but maybe y forget this edge case