Build app from Framework7 cli

I have created an app project using framework7 cli, now I want to switch to cordova to build app.
Please help me

Guide to install cordova AND create an app.

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I write a post using f7 v6.
With this tuto you can compile .apk or . abb, create a keystore to firm your app, update your keystore to last versión, aling resourses of app, just to ready to upload to any app store

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use capacitor instead, cordova in few years will die…

maybe it will die in a year, that is not yet known, for me and right now cordova is a little more robust than capacitor.

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i’m building now a pos system with capacitor & react, and i’m very happy. lots of community support, plugins and it’s continuously updated!
My pos has bluetooth connection and thermal printer, which is not easy to do…

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maybe can help this pluggin

no thanks, already did with capacitor, check it out:

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