Copile APK in production release, sing and aling app

See this video:
#Framework7 Tutorial #7: Copilar, Crear KeyStore, Firmar Apk, Alinear Apk final. | #CMGDevs - YouTube

in minute 7:17 change: npm run build-prop-android – --release
for: npm run build-cordova android -- --production --release

wait for some download., after build your app is here:

the app is unsigned!! you need make the keystore to sing the app and create a new app singned.

go to D:\F7Projects\your_project\cordova\platforms\android\app\build\outputs\apk\release folder and open the terminal…
use this codeline:
keytool -genkey -v -keystore APPNAME.keystore -alias APPNAME -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

after you create you keystore need to migrate to new format. use this codeline:
keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore awsplay.keystore -destkeystore awsplay.keystore -deststoretype pkcs12

enter the password of your old keystore and push ENTER…
good… your keystore is updated!!!

NOW we sing the app-release-unsigned.apk with your new keystore…
use this codeline:
jarsigner --verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore awsplay.keystore app-release-unsigned.apk awsplay

now app is singned…

aling app to resolve some error to resoures routes:
for this you need use this codeline:
zipalign -v 4 app-release-unsigned.apk

And thats it… remeber add the system variables to java jdk and java jre to make run this code line…

NEW EDIT on this part.
If you want a just set the flag like that with double –

npm run build-cordova android -- --production --release -- --packageType=bundle

if you want a app.apk just set the flag --packageType=apk like that. always with double –
npm run build-cordova android -- --production --release -- --packageType=apk.

Thank you for sharing, this is very helpful تحميل الموبايل