Framework7 Not Building Cordova App

I created a project using framework7 for an android specific app. I checked all cordova requirements and everything was matched. I then proceeded to:

npm run build-cordova

I then get this error:

What is the purpose for this error?
These are my versions of everything
JDK - 8
Gradle - 7.4.1
Cordova - 10.0.0
Framework7 - latest version
Android target -android 30
Android Build Tools - 30.0.3

Is the cpn NPM package installed? Try npm list to see if it is there, and what version.

I write a post using f7 v6. To build in production, create a keystore, firm your app, update your keystore, aling resourses of app and export in apk or abb

Use it!!!

run in your project terminal to downgrade cpy package:

npm i [email protected] --save-dev