Build file location

Please I would like to know where the location of the file that is built after run this command “npm run build-cordova-ios”

I found this file with extension .app
is this the file I need to install on iphone or what? When searching I found that the build file extension for ios is ipa.
Please assist me I need more clarity on this.
Thanks in advance.

For iOS you need to open your *.xcworkspace file in XCode after this command in cordova/platforms/ios and do the production build (archive the app) from XCode

Thanks for you quick response.
When I opened it on xcode and try to run it on simulator it shows a lot of issues and it does not display anything on simulator just hang there.
Secondly do I need to run this command “npm run build-cordova-ios” before I will open it with xcode.
Thanks. I am new to ios.

You need to run it before you launch it in simulator

Thanks for your response. I will do that now.