Build multiple instances of the same app source

I want to create multiple Apps (just with diffrent jsons sourceFiles)
Whats the best Way to mange this?

Any IDeas? Changing “Id” in app.js doesnt create a new App on my mobile

var app = new Framework7({
  name: 'JägerApp', // App name
  theme: 'auto', // Automatic theme detection
  el: '#app', // App root element
  component: App, // App main component
  id: 'io.framework7.jaegerApp', // App bundle ID

It’s cordova app. You need to change the config.xml. and create one keystore for app.

Do you mean after render the App?
I need before

Before. No can’t have 2 apps with same id or same keystore.

So are there any ideas on how to do it or it’s impossible to do it before rendering? I’m not really familiar with framework7, so it’s pretty difficult for me to create apps there. I wanted to create 3 apps at the same time using one single app source, but it seems it’s not available through this app. You know, I’ve been searching for a good no-code desktop app builder for a long time, but unfortunately, I’m not really good at creating apps even without coding knowledge. It seems that I need to find some kind of a guide or course to become better from that perspective.

hey, so we use one repo for all the main code. We then pull that to multiple local instances. I have a webpack copy command where I can change the value of 1 variable, run the command and all the brand specific files copy to the right places.
We can then build the project (in cordova), knowing all the assets and images are the right ones.
I can persist my ios certificates, and never have to delete platforms etc when the config.xml changes. Its a breeze now. The other thing we do religously is update our build docs, so as a version (ie iOS or xcode) changes we all know the steps needed. This process has significantly improved our build process, and removed errors and issues. Hope that helps!

My Solution was to creat a command line, which do all the Job for me:
-change Variables
-renaming Files,
-change Image Dirs
That works also