Bundle.css/bundle.min.css contain different styles?

In the process of painful migration from my v4 project to v5 :smiley: I found that framework7.bundle.css and framework7.bundle.min.css contain different styles. For example, .page-content in min version have overflow: hidden style, but in not minified version it have overflow: auto.

I struck at trying to fix ios keyboard issue, when scrollIntoView thing is scrolling my .views container to scrollTop = 50 (on page with no-toolbar prop). My navbar goes outside the view. I tried to do all the same as in blank framework7-cli Cordova project… as far as it was possible in my situation.

Only work around I’ve found is to set display: none for .toobar-hidden, but it breakes all animations.

Seems like you have something wrong, it is definitely overflow: auto in both min and not min versions

I will look further, maybe it’s my mistake or… cache from v4 (?), but that strange. Or it’s just headache after 2 days of debugging that keyboard issue…

P.S. Don’t you remember, maybe there were some issues/bugs/problems with the implementation of cordovaApp.handleKeyboard? I moved that function to my project, its works but something is missing…