Button-large on iOS (and header background color)

I have 10 buttons on my /home/ page all with the button-large class. When running on an iOS device, none of the buttons are large. Also, my header background color is not being set.

I see this in chrome debugging too. I load the app the first time and my header colors are set correctly and the buttons are displayed correctly. As soon as I Ctlr+Shift+R for a hard reload, I lose the header colors and the buttons go back to their normal height.

This is NOT a problem on Android so where do I go to track this down?

I noticed this kind of weird problems before. With changes applied/not applied when debug console open/closed. Sometimes it looks like for example css files are downloaded when hitting F5 (with cache disabled) but still previous version is applied.

When I’m in doubt, I’ll just double check on a real device and it’s always correct. Most of the time when I notice ‘strange’ problems, like css changed are not applied, restarting Chrome solves it.

yeah, like I said, it only works the first time in Chrome and not at all on an actual iOS device but works perfectly on Android.

Seems like you messed something with styles. Use browser dev tools inspector to see what is going on iOS and why styles are missing