Calendar - buttons (delete/reset mismatch)

I use F7 React. It is different whether the (form/input ListInput type: date and datetime) calendar is displayed on desktop or iOS. On left footer side a delete button will appear on desktop and on iOS a reset button will appear instead.

However, resetting does not clear the date, it sets the date to the previous value. Different buttons on different devices make no sense at all. Is it possible to enable the delete button on all devices, iOS and desktop?

Or is it possible to give the buttons their own programmable function, e.g. to delete the calendar, etc. (left / right button in the footer)?

Thx, Freddy

The UI for type date and datetime is a system native UI, not done by Framework7

Thanks for the answer!
Hmm, unfortunately the datepicker in safari has an error and is not well implemented. I’m not good enough to write a cross browser datepicker. But isn’t it important to have one?
What do I have to do to get a working picker?

Check Calendar component