Calendar closeonselect not working

Hey all,

I’m using the date picker on a sheet. Tired two approaches (method on @calendarChange, and closeOnSelect param), however the calendar persists. Code is lifted from doc pages.

<f7-list-input @calendarChange="closeCal" class="cal-1" label="Custom date format" type="datepicker" placeholder="Select date" readonly :calendar-params="{ dateFormat: 'DD, MM dd, yyyy', closeOnSelect: true }"></f7-list-input>

closeCal() { this.$f7.calendar.close(".cal-1") }

Any recommendations?


Checked in F7-Vue v6, works correctly for me. Just wondering why do you have closeCal method in addition to closeOnSelect?

Thanks for checking @nolimits4web - only here on the forum, I tried both approaches independently. I should mention I’m on Vue 2/Framework 5.

Another thing to highlight that is likely tied to the core issue, I’m opening from a sheet modal.