Can Framewok7 be used on

Is it possible to implement on

also if my desktop site is configured on
and framework7 site is configured on

how can I configure my to load content from if the user agent is mobile?

Apps or pwa developed in f7 use node server like heroku

It is possible. At the end of the day, framework7 is creating website which is independent of the backend. For changing ip address, you have to change dns or maybe create two subdomains.

Now that Google had mandated mobile first indexing and none of the popular platforms like Wordpress, wix, Squarespace etc still running on “responsive design frameworks”
it would be better if framework7 becomes or creates an alternative to elementor like platform to build mobile first templates

“mobile first” website do not mean having alternate web pages for mobile and desktop but the concept in which website is designed with mobile users in mind. It is exactly what responsive design does. Google will deprecate website which are only good for desktop users and as far as i know framework7 is already responsive enough. You can tweak it to your needs