Can I access all F7 instance events from their vue module even if the vue plugin does not list them explicitly?

Goal: Fire an event on a slideChange event on the photoBrowser, using normal Framework7+Vue methods.

In Framework7, you can see that slideChange is listed as an event.

In Framework7+Vue, you can see that slideChange is not mentioned as an event.

Thus, the event exists at the F7 level, but not on the vue component.

My question is this: Is it possible to use normal Vue methods to bind to the on:slideChange event? (or any of the other photoBrowser “native” events)

JS Fiddle:

I’ve tried things like

  • @slideChange
  • @slideChange.native
  • @photoBrowser:slideChange

I’ve even looked at the Vue Dev console, and it does not seem that ANY events are fired on the photoBrowser except “opened”, “closed”, and their related “opening/closing” events. Thus I am asking the question here.


Nope, slideChage it not native event, you confused about event/native event, read this.
And nope again :slight_smile:, vue component not have slideChange event, but instanse have

try this:

	//get photobrowser when init and open
	const photoBrowser = this.$f7.photoBrowser.get(".photo-browser-popup");
	//set listener slide change
	photoBrowser.on('slideChange', ()=>{
	  console.log('slide changed');})  

js fiddle:

PB component has params prop that can accept object with original PB params for that case:

Thank you @nolimits4web!

@Overman, I was using a method similar to that by assigning the event handler after initiating the photobrowser, but figured there might be a better way.