Can I compile an app for iOS and put it in App Store


I am wondering if I compile an iOS app, will be able to upload to app store given apple’s various policies regarding hybrid apps?

Yes, I do this already for years. Sometimes binaries get rejected if you use plugins which (unintentionally) have references to private or deprecated iOS API’s. In that case, you can search for a fork which is “cleaned up” or remove of modify the references in the plugin source code.

Some rejections I got were about “incomplete” descriptions in GPS/bluetooth usage or appstore description. Most of the time your app is approved, if you provide additional information to the review team. (for example, a demo QR code to demonstrate the need for camera usage if your app can scan dedicated QR codes)

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Great. Do you compile the for the final on Mac Os or do you use the Adobe’s phonegap service?

I compile on Mac using xcode. Please note that using Phonegap build incorporates a different workflow and has some limitations on customization using plugins. As I remember correctly, usage of Cordova hooks is very limited.

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Apple doesn’t really have a problem with hybrid apps… There are thousands of them on the app store (mine included). The main things you’d have to watch out for, and possible reasons for app store rejection:

  1. If your app’s interface looks vastly different from what an iOS user would expect to see. Try to stick with controls and layouts that at least look native, which is what makes using Framework 7 so great. Be sure to become familiar with the human interface guidelines.
  2. Make sure your app is on-device as much as possible, and isn’t code being downloaded from the Internet. There’s nothing worse than opening an app and having it slowly render in front of you. You’ll be better off to render the view before you expose it to the user, and make sure you have functionality in your app which responds to the device being offline, even if it is just messages to show the user that the app recognises it has become disconnected. There’s nothing more frustrating than an app that becomes a useless brick when you unplug it from the Internet.
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