Can I have click handler on a swipeout item?

f7-list-item(title="Swipe" swipeout @click="onItemClick(item)")

I don’t want to trigger click event when I use swipe gesture. Possible?

try like this.

if (Dom7(.swipeout-opened).length) e.preventDefault()

It is impossible to prevent it on Desktop (with mouse), on touch devices (iOS, Android), click event won’t be triggered

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Doesn’t work. .swipeout-opened activates only when you swipe to the end and then release.

Thats good news.
Any ideas how i can achieve this behavior on a desktop version? During development in a browser?
Now I’m gonna catch mouse up/down events and compare x-y-coordinates…

Just switch to touch events by enabling some mobile device (iOS or Android) emulation and reloading the browser

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Oh shi
A already tried enabling mobile emulation but didn’t reload the browser)
Thx a lot

I could fix it by using the swipeout open and closed events.

on:swipeoutOpen={e => {
swipingout = true;
on:swipeoutClosed={e => {
swipingout = false;
on:click={e => {
if (!swipingout) {
f7router.navigate(’/Order/’ +;

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