Can i scan a barcode or Qrcode?

if i use this framework how i scan a barcode o qrcode?
Thanks in advance.

hello maybe it’s your help I use f7 with cordava-phonegap maybe it will help you

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Check this plugin:

It’s function with android?

It worth to check what is at this page

Thanks you so much!!!


I’m a newby on framework 7 and I have made a working app but now I want to use qrcodes. I am not beeing able to do this because I cannot access the plugins.
Can you help? How did you use this pluggin?

Best regards,
Miguel Fonseca

Hello @miguelabfonseca i use this plugin for read qrcode: cordova-plugin-qrscanner

and use it whit the info into the wiki page of the plugin.

If you need a better info for use the plugin ask again in this 3d.

Have a good day