Can not see icon in ListItem in react code

I dont know whether I am following correct path but I use docs from in v3 template for UI issues since we have been told that most of the things did not changed.

I used some code from kitchenk sink list view and it works, I tried to put some icon inside ListItem but it doesnt work

I imported Icon and used an icon tthat is already exist in the template, material:menu

I both tried iconIfMd=“material:menu” and icon=“material:menu” but cant see on the screen

    <List className="search-list searchbar-found">
      <ListItem title="something">
          <Icon slot="media" iconIfMd="material:menu"></Icon>

It should be

<Icon slot="media" md="material:menu"></Icon>

And if you do like that then you also need to specify ios icon

<Icon slot="media" md="material:menu" ios="f7:bars"></Icon>

Check also docs


Thanks for the link it helps