Can tabs or pages cached permanently using componentUrl?

I loaded and opened a tab and modified something(tab was loaded by route with componenturl). when i goto another page and back to this tab,the tab was the initial tab but I hope the tab could stay same as before.Any idea?(reloadCurrent:false and reloadPrevious:false not works)
Some code:(this code will be called again when I back and it will overwrite my previous page selected item.If only load once,the page will be empty)

return {
    on: {
        tabMounted: function() {
            var v = this;
            indexTab = v;
            v.indexSearchBar = myApp.searchbar.create({
                el: "#searchbar-main-list",
                customSearch: false,
                on: {
                    search(searchbar, query, previousQuery) {
            taskSheetApp.filters.mainListFilterMonthSmartSelect = myApp.smartSelect.create({
                el: "#main-list-filter-month",
                closeOnSelect: true,
                openIn: "sheet",
                sheetCloseLinkText: "Confirm"

You can enable stackPages view’s parameter to keep previous pages in history