Can we use f7 without routes?

Can we use f7 with only css components and internal js functions, but without routes?
I’m trying to create a simple PWA with craftcms, but i don’t want to go headless.

Yes, you can use Framework7 without needing to implement routing.

how to do it?? where i can find a solution?? thanks

The Framework7 documents explain how to initialise your app using Javascript. Initialize App | Framework7 Documentation

Is there a particular type of app/site that you’re trying to build and you have having a particular problem? What solutions have you tried so far?

i tried but without success,
my code:

// Init App
var app = new Framework7({
id: ‘io.framework7.testapp’,
el: ‘#app’,
// routes.js,
router: false,

If you don’t need routes, don’t include the reference during your initialisation.

Here is a JS Fiddle that shows you how to initialise the app:

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I created them as .php files, maybe that’s the reason because it’s not working?

Too hard to tell without full code samples.

see a demo here: