Can't find variable: Framework7?

Hello forum, I’m facing a strange behavior in F7.

This is the issue. I have two servers one with SSL and another with out certificate.

Both have the framework 7 core installed.

The server with SSL shows the following message:

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: Framework7

Line: 1:25
Error: {"line":1,"column":25,"sourceURL":""}

Any ideas what can be wrong?

i see 3 dir inside “petApp7”

  1. “css” [app.css]
  2. “js” [app.js]
  3. “framework7/css” [framework7.bundle.min.css]

“framework7/css” is the name of the dir
the slash (/) is just another char
i don’t know if this is intended (probably not)

if it is intended, just make sure to escape the slash:
=> %2F

// <link href="../petApp7/framework7/css/framework7.bundle.min.css">
=> <link href="../petApp7/framework7%2Fcss/framework7.bundle.min.css">

“framework7.bundle.min.js” is completely missing

Hi, that char is not intended.

For some reason the framework 7 dir permission was in 700 instead of 755, now it is working.