Can't get this template working

I got all my templates working except this one, I can’t see what is wrong with it just stubbornly keeps showing up as text…


 <script type="text/template" id="aboutPageTemplate"></script>



<div id="aboutContent">
  <!-- template appended -->


on: {

  pageInit: function (e, page) {

    var aboutPage = {

      translations : null,


    let langCode = app.methods.getCurrentLanguage();

    aboutPage.translations =[langCode];

    var template = $$('script#aboutPageTemplate').html();

    var compiledTemplate = Template7.compile(template);

    var html = compiledTemplate(aboutPage);



There is no such syntax in template7, try this instead:

{{js "this.translations['about.title']"}}

Mh that didn’t work for me, it still just shows up as text for some reason.

No idea what’s going on here but I just append the whole thing now.