Capture an image using cordova camera and upload the captured image to the server

Hi, i’m using Framework7 wih cordova to build an android application, but i need help to upload the captured image to remote server that my backend i used php but a lot of problems i get with file-transfer cordova plugin and i don’t know exactl wht i need to do please any help ?.

  1. Please post your code, so we can see what you’ve done already and see where you might be going wrong
  2. PHP is a server-side platform. So if the problems are within your PHP then there’s not a lot of assistance you’ll be able to get from the Framework 7 forum… This is explicitly about using Framework 7 as a frontend platform. I’d suggest you try posting in Stack Overflow for more help.
  3. If the image is leaving your device, then your client-side code is working. I’d suggest checking the JS console to see if a POST request is being made, containing your image data.