Capturing enter key on ListInput (svelte)

I am trying to call a function when a user hits the enter key while inside of a ListInput. I added an attribute on:input={handleEnter}

function handleEnter(evt) {

When I hit enter in the field the handleEnter function is not called. It is called for other keys though.

Any suggestions on how to be able to handle the enter key?

you need to listen for keypress event instead of input

This does not seem to call handleEnter when I type inside the ListInput.

 <ListInput  label="Email" type="email" on:keypress={handleEnter} />
<ListInput class="my-list-input" ...

import { onMount } from 'svelte';

onMount(() => {
  document.querySelector('.my-list-input input').addEventListener('keypress', doSomething);

What about this way:

<ListInput ...>
   <input slot="input" type="text" id="email" name="email" on:keypress={handleKeypress} bind:value={inputVar} />

Just mentioning as a possible alternative in case someone finds this.