Change Chevron color via javascript

I have a series of menu items and, on occasion I want to change a chevron color, how do I do that via javascript (probably using $$)?

<li id="linkHome">
  <a href="/" class="panel-close">
    <div class="item-inner">
      <div class="item-title">Home</div>

I should add, I can change the text color just fine but the chevron color never changes.

Chevron color is handled by CSS variables, so you can toggle some class and add to your CSS:

.some-class {
  --f7-list-chevron-icon-color: #f00;

Or set directly CSS var on required element:

$('#linkHome')[0].style.setProperty('--f7-list-chevron-icon-color', '#f00');

Awesome. Thanks! I’ll give it a try this afternoon.

That worked perfectly, thanks!