Change route of swipeback

I would like to specify the route to be used on a swipeback. Or put another way, I would like to remove the page-previous class from one page, and add page-previous class to another.

I am trying:


but #home is not shown to be in the main view, so I’m assuming I need another method to make that happen?

Appreciate any pointers here.



You can reload previous page to another one after you navigated to current one using router.navigate with reloadPrevious: true parameter:

router.navigate('/some-path/', { reloadPrevious: true })

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I knew it would be easy. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Love the framework!

This doesn’t seem to impact the swipeback though.

mainView.router.navigate('/home/', { reloadPrevious: true});

version 4.5.2

You should call reladPrevious one when your /menu_item/post_review/ loaded, so you need to call that, for example in page:afterin event handler of that page

Got it…now working fine. Headed over to make contribution. :slight_smile: