Clear date Calendar / Datepicker

Hello guys,

I don’t see any function for clear date, can anyone help me?


Apart from the javascript command (which thank you I didn’t know), is there the option in the creation to enable a button that executes this command? For example with datapicker-bootstrap exist option clearDate. That option will put a new button into calendar for clear date on click.

There is no such button, you can create your own, add call that JS on button’s click handler

That’s a big improvement, you have a github so i can post that problem?

Ich would like to land here also. Because there is a different if the datum sheet is displayed in the desktop or iOS. A delete button is displayed on the desktop (which also works) and on iOS a “reset” button is displayed instead. However, resetting is not deleting the date, but setting the date to the previous value. Different buttons on different devices makes no sense at all. Is it possible to enable the delete button on all devices, iOS and desktop?