CLI not updating CONFIG.XML

Hello I’ve just installed with F7CLI VUE based app, but i cant make the CLI to update my config.xml.
Steps I’ve done:
0- Installed and bla bla bla
1- tested npm start and works well
2- built by npm run build-prod-cordova and works ok but my Config XML is not updating.
3- run this command (do you know why there is an error there?)
4- checked config.xml and it doesnt have those plugins (here the file )

So how can i make the cli to update the config.xml properly.

Sorry, I’m new with the CLI

And F7 CLI shouldn’t change config.xml. What changes do you expect to see there? Plugins? Plugins in cordova are defined NOT in config.xml but in cordova/package.json

Yes because i use Phonegap Build to make my IPA files because i dont have a MAC at my disposal.

Should I change my config.xml manually?

You can change the config.xml using ‘Cordova’ or ‘Phonegap’ commands (or manually). Framework7 won’t change the config.xml, because it’s not related to F7 - but Phonegap/Cordova.

Thank you!
I’ll change it manually