Click being intercepted?

I have an existing JS library I’m using for some elements (Elementor) and I’m having one issue. Some toggle elements aren’t toggling when I load the page. Also doesn’t work in iOS browser but does work in desktop browser. The click events are all handled by jQuery and I have little ability to change that.

I have found one workaround which makes me feel the click event is being trapped somewhere. If I select the text first as if I’m going to copy it, I can then click on the selection and it works fine.

I should add the titles to be clicked are just 's not links. Green is just to show me the hit box. Direct link in case someone wants to look, will occur in ios browser:

Curiously once I do this ‘trick’ I can click on the element normally and have it toggle until I click anything else, at which point it stops working.

Yes, F7 intercepts clicks to do the more flawless mobile behavior. To disable it, you can just add no-fastclick class on elements conflicting with it, e.g. elementor-toggle no-fastclick

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I have this in my app initialization:

  touch: {
	  fastClicks: false

Yet still occurs. I’ll double check I have it in the right place, it’s root level int he app options, should it be on a view instead?

Will that work if I add it after initialization? I may need to let both libraries initialize before I can add the class.

Thanks for the advice btw!

No, it won’t work. Just add no-fastclick class, i checked, and it works on your example

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I worded it weird, I mean will adding the no-fastclick class to the element work if I add it for e.g. once the page is inserted into the DOM, or would it need to be in the html returned via the ajax load?

I’ll try it in a few, I’m encouraged that it worked for you and appreciate you testing it. I’ll add that the setup works fine in desktop it’s only been an issue on iOS safari/phonegap webview (haven’t tried android)

You can add that no-fastclick class later on already created element. Framework7 checks this class only during click/tap on this element. So if it is there when you tap it, then F7 will ignore it

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Awesome, just had it added to the title elements and once I cleared cache on my phone it began working. Thanks so much for the help, this gets me over a huge barrier.