Click Event not working

This is a great framework with lots of good functionalities.

In my app some click events were not fired on some lists, buttons and other elements.
After lots of debuging I found out that the problem was related to an Infinite Progress.
I’m writing here to provide a workaround to anyone with this problem.

I have an Infinte Progress at the start of the App and after some initial routines I close the Progress with myApp.dialog.close(). The progress disapears and the content of the app appears normally but every click on the area where the Progress was shown is not thrown to the correct element.It is being thrown against the progress that was closed.

The workaround I found was to do $$(".dialog-progress")[0].style.display=“none” after making a call to the progress close.

Hope this helps.

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Are you using click or tap events? What’s your intended display device, desktop or mobile?