@click is not wokring for dynamic content

var friends_suggestion = '<li class="frndCard padd10">';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="item-content">';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="item-media"><img src="{{profile_img}}" width="80"></div>';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="item-inner padd0">';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="item-title-row">';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="item-title">{{name}}</div>';
friends_suggestion += '</div>';
friends_suggestion += '{{#js_if "this.mutual_friend_count > 0"}}';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="item-subtitle greyTxt txt12">{{mutual_friend_count}} Mutual friends</div>';
friends_suggestion += '{{/js_if}}';
friends_suggestion += '<div class="row">';
friends_suggestion += '<button class="col button button-fill color-green grnbtn" onclick="addfriend({{uid}})">Add Friend</button>';
friends_suggestion += '<button class="col button button-outline" onclick="removefriend({{uid}})">Remove</button>';
friends_suggestion += '</div>';
friends_suggestion += '</div>';
friends_suggestion += '</div>';
friends_suggestion += '</li>';
var T7friends_suggestion = Template7.compile(friends_suggestion);


variables are replaced correctly, however @click event is not firing.

And won’t work because such events and template are parsed one time on component creation

thanks for quick reply, so any other alternate way to achieve this?

I need this too. Can I add query parameter to a href and read on next page. If yes, please help with the code.