Clickable image by using "map"

Hi everyone,

Now I am adding links on the image, but It doesn’t work when I put links inside
(It couldn’t be connected to the internal linke /home/)

  <div class="linfelikeui_container">

    <img class="lifelikeui_screen" src="./img/lifelikeui_vegetable_center_1.jpg" alt="lifelikeui_vegetables" usemap="#vegetable_center">

    <a href="/lifelikeui_vegetable_right/">

      <i class="material-icons lifelikeui_button_right">keyboard_arrow_right</i>


    <a href="/lifelikeui_vegetable2/">

      <i class="material-icons lifelikeui_button_left">keyboard_arrow_left</i>


    <map name="vegetable_center">

    <area shape="rect" coords ="150,300,300,500" alt ="Zuccchini" href="/home/">




but other links such as links on arrow buttons work within my app…

how can i call internal link when adding href in the