Clicking Notification link to Specific Page

Hello everyone. Hope all is good.

Just one question. When you got notification from you phone and when you click it,
it goes to the specific page of the app. not the home page which is the default page.
who to do that? thank you.

In cordova there’s a plugin.


I played around with it a year or so ago. It works well if you send the user an email and you KNOW they have the app installed. However if you don’t know if they have the app installed (they registered from another email address) then I couldn’t figure out how to get it work.

It also works from one app to the next but, again, only of you KNOW the other app is installed.

Basically, you set a URL scheme like this:

    <variable name="URL_SCHEME" value="gtkm" />

and then link it like this:

<a href="gtkm://myapppage?variable=12">Link</a>

Post back if you get it to work because I’ll have to circle back to it at some point.

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