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I have an Issue, hope someone helps,

I have a checkout page, Once checkout is successful it takes you to the success page,

When User press the back button it goes to the checkout page again.

I want to close (kill) the previous page so when the users press back it takes him to the page before the checkout page, Hope this is clear.

Thanks for your help!

you can try using this on close checkout…

app.router.navigate(’/home-page/’, {
reloadCurrent: true,
pushState: false

reloadCurrent: true // reload the page on the current page… and replace the current page with the new one… in this case home-page.

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Thanks rapgithub!

The workaround was to open the success page with reload current!


welcome :slight_smile:

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Check the the 2.0.10 release there is a new clearPreviousHistory router method that allows to remove previous pages from history


Awesome! I will try it out!

This is just what I was expecting, You saved my day!

Thanks for your effort and amazing work and more over your help in the community, Therefore I have made a pledge in appreciation to all your efforts, You deserve it!

Thanks Vladimir!