Closebyrouter error

how can i fix this error

Should we guess what sequence of steps caused this error?

I navigated to second page, got back to the main page and navigated to second page again and I got this error.
I navigate by clicking on a button on a side-panel by using this.$f7.view.main.router.navigate("/secondPage/");

I am facing a similar issue,
Using Panel as component,

The following sequence causes the error in my application:

From homepage
Tap link to open panel
Tap a link inside the panel (the panel close and the corresponding page open)
Go back
Open the panel again
Close the panel using backdrop
Tap any other link in current page and the error appears

If you tap to open the panel, it will open normally, if you open any link inside the panel it open the corresponding page normally, if you go back to home page all link works normally again

Adding panel-close to links inside the panel, solved the issue for me