Coinbase Commerce embed checkout

I’m trying to use an embedded Coinbase Commerce checkout button in my f7 app and having trouble.

It seems that within the framework the coinbase javascript isn’t able to initialize the embed button.

See this:

Any thoughts on how this could be implemented within an f7 application?

it would be really useful to help you if you share some code, or made a jsfiddle.

any error in the console?

No unfortunately i get nothing.

and can you make a jsfiddle?

In this fiddle you can see the button renders properly because this is a single page template where the button html and script is included in what would be the main index.html (if you are not seeing it render in the fiddle i may have to update the checkout code because it may expire)

the issue i have is making this button work on a page that gets loaded via a route/navigation, such as the /about/ route in this fiddle. If i try to do this it will not render the button.

What the issue is, can we get external js scripts to load in pages we navigate to via the router?

Is see the problem.
the only solution i could find fast was to change the layout. you can use router, but with pageName for the page with the button.