Compatible with android OS 4.4

I just wanna ask the compatibility of framework7 v2 on android OS 4.4 (Kitkat), because I always got an error when I run my app on Android OS 4.4.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token (

Thanks in advance.

It working if you use es5 syntax for application.

It’s okay, I have got the solution.
Just modify the code from


to be

pageInit: function(){}

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You’re right!!!

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are u okay using F7 on os 4.x ? im using cordova + vue , so laggy run at 4.x

I’m using OS 4.4 and it’s running well. I don’t know if OS under 4.4.
Maybe it will be so laggy because limited RAM :sweat_smile:

yesterday im testing on os 4.4 at samsung duos , feel so laggy too…

how to solve the question exactly? can you help me?

For old androids i can only recommend to try cordova crosswalk webview plugin

using crosswalk , i can say yes, but only 20%.
on other side , size apps is growing up. and not completely smooth.
im already compare with new devices within range price $100-150 , build apps using f7 w/o crosswalk , and so smooth.

conclusion : only one for solving that problem…

buy a new device. :sweat_smile:

Yes,use cordova crosswalk solve my problem,it run smoothly.thank you all