Components for Web App?

Hello community,

I am new to Framework 7 and very much interested in trying it out. There is one thing though. As per the web page, the framework says

Framework7 - is a free and open source framework to develop mobile, desktop or web apps with native look and feel .

However, when I opened the components in the browser, it felt like I opened a native mobile app in the browser. So, it didn’t looked like “made for web”.

To address this, I have been thinking of using Material-UI ( for Desktop viewport, and using Framework 7 for mobile viewport. However, I have some questions around that approach

  1. Would it not increase the bundle size?
  2. Is it even a good idea?
  3. Does Framework7 has components that look like web based components and not native mobile components?
  4. Would it cause any runtime conflicts to have different UI libraries?

Are there any recommendations, guidance or samples that I can learn from?

Thank you

Material UI uses Material Design. Framework7 comes with latest and updated MD theme (Materaul UI uses the old one). So i guess you can use F7’s MD theme for desktop web apps

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This is great answer, thank you, @nolimits4web