Conflict between Cordova.js file and FW7 v3?

Hi, I am experiencing a weird issue:

First I could not make the cordova-plugin-camera work, then after checking cordova documentation, I made it work by including cordova.js in the index.html page and a blank cordova.js file in the www folder.

Doing this made my camera work perfectly and I was able to display pictures in my app, etc… however now I have lost all the back link functionality in my app, if I test it in my browser, all the back links work, but when I test it in my iOS device… they simply do nothing.

I removed the cordova.js reference and files and I compiled it again, and then all my back links work, but of course the camera does not…

has anybody experienced something similar? how did you fix it?

well found the culprit…

removing this in my app made it work

on: {
// each object key means same name event handler
init: function () {
// do something on app init

 // onDeviceReady();
popupOpen: function (popup) {
  // do something on popup open


I copied that from a sample project that made my app work on device ready, removed it and now it seems to work ok

do we need to copy cordova.js file and put it in the www folder?

No, we don’t.
Just write cordova.js even though it isn’t in the same directory of index html, PhoneGap does its own business with cordova js by itself during the runtime.

yeah just realize that. sorry. just another question, can we test push notification plugin using emulator, or it should be on real device?

I have never worked with push notifications, but according to my limited knowledge, testing an app on emulator and a real device is exact same thing 100%.

okay, thanks my friend

You’re welcome, dude.