Cordova 6.0.0 and Framework7 v5 - external links fail to open

Just tried adding Cordova 6.0.0 after removing plugins that reference Wkwebview. App itself works well although now none of my external links to web sites will open. No errors in console, no other changes other than adding:

<preference name="scheme" value="app" />
<preference name="hostname" value="localhost" />

These are pretty standard web addresses, no ajax, etc.:

<a href="" class="external item-link item-content" target="_system">Merck</a>

Any ideas?

You also need to download inappbrowser plugin

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Current version is installed, so that likely not the issue. (v4.0.0 works, older versions give Xcode error)

Will it help if you change to target="_blank"? Any errors in browser dev tools?

No errors.I finally got it working by uninstalling v6.0.0 and then reinstalled. No need to change target.