Cordova Android App freeze on SplashScreen

Hi everybody, I’m new in the forum, I recently installed framework7-cli and the new (at least for me) enviroment.
My problem is that when I run a single view template (or tabbed or split) with “framework7 cordova run android” command it works great, install the app, but when the app init I just can see the splashscreen and stay there all the time. I tried uninstalling the splashscreen plugin but I got an empty white screen. Debugging with adb logcat I don’t get any error.

Tried on an emulator with android 5.1 and 7.1 and in a phone with android 7.1 too.

Some idea?

Sorry for my english. Thanks in advance.


Вы запускаете шаблон, который создает Frmaework7 CLI, без како-либо модификации кода?

Yes, without modifications, just create and run.

Where you able to solve this problem?