Cordova App not created with pages

Hi, I am new with F7, I have installed F7 Cli and generated web app well, and cordova app well too, but when build android debug app it does not have the framework pages and components.
The app is built with only a single index page with device ready event/icon

The src folder that has F7 pages and components are ignored for cordova apps.

How can I create cordova app getting framework structure?

Thanks in advance

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Can you post your folders structure ?

This is the project folders,


SRC folder (framewok7)

And cordova Folder


I am building android app into cordova folder with cordova command: “cordova build android”
Is this the correct way to build? I have tested framework7 commands to build but get error.


Hi, solved, I created app again and build using
npm run build-cordova

Best regards and thanks for your time.