Cordova plugin GoogleMaps with Vuejs

I am having trouble printing a map in a page in F7. But I cant find the reason.
Here is the code:

		<div id="mapcanvas"></div>

  var map;
  let deviceReady = false;
  let vueMounted = false;
  export default {
    name: 'mapa',
    data() {
      return {
        isConnected: false,
        map: undefined
    created () {
      vueMounted = true;
      if (deviceReady) this.everythingReady();
    methods: {
      everythingReady() {
        var div = document.getElementById("mapcanvas");

        map =;

        map.addEventListener(, this.onMapReady);
        alert("mapa pronto");
      onButtonClick() {
          target: {lat: 37.422359, lng: -122.084344},
          zoom: 17,
          tilt: 60,
          bearing: 140,
          duration: 5000
        }, function() {

            position: {lat: 37.422359, lng: -122.084344},
            title: "Welecome to \n" +
            "Cordova GoogleMaps plugin for iOS and Android",
            snippet: "This plugin is awesome!",
          }, function(marker) {


            marker.on(, function() {

              alert("Hello world!")

  document.addEventListener('deviceReady', () => {
    deviceReady = true
    if (vueMounted) this.everythingReady()
  }, false);


		height: 100%;
		width: 100%;
		top: 0;
		left: 0;

Is your everythingReady() method ever called? It is a bad practice to write anything after export statement, this part won’t work as expected. Keep all such kind of logic within component lifecycle hooks and methods

Yes! everythingReady() is called and pops up a alert box of the onMapReady().

Even if I dont have deviceready event, and call everythingReady() inside created(), still works.

I am using deviceready event listener just because I thought that it would make a diference on printing the map, but that was not the case.

Still dont know what might be the problem.

What happens if you run it in browser? Do you see any errors in console? Try also to inspect the map element on page load is there anything inside added?

When the app starts I get this message:
Error: exec proxy not found for :: CordovaGoogleMaps :: pause

When I load the Map module I get a few messages:

Error: exec proxy not found for :: CordovaGoogleMaps :: resumeResizeTimer cordova.js:1003
Error: exec proxy not found for :: CordovaGoogleMaps :: resume cordova.js:1003
Error: exec proxy not found for :: CordovaGoogleMaps :: putHtmlElements cordova.js:1003
Error: exec proxy not found for :: CordovaGoogleMaps :: resumeResizeTimer cordova.js:1003
Error: exec proxy not found for :: CordovaGoogleMaps :: getMap

DIV is there, but there is nothing been printed.

I could not find any discussion on the web about those errors.

Any clue what might be happening?

This is what i have found

It says that it must run on physical device only

Hi Vladimir,

I saw a few references saying this as well. But I thought it was worth of a shot because you brought that advice. Anyway, I still have the same problem.

As the problem remains but no simples solution arises, I start to think that maybe its a matter of versions of packages. Some kind of a bug? Maybe?

I’m not familiar with Framework7, but I recommend you try to reinstall the maps plugin v2.2.2.

Even if it does not work, please let me know at

Hi .I want to use that plugin and I installed it in my application and set android api key .But I don’t know how can I use that plugin in f7 .I need just a sample code .I made a topic in github community and I didn’t get anything .

You got any solution for your code…I’m also stuck in similar kind of problem. Please help!