Cordova simulate?

Hi, I’m starting porting my Cordova App from Jquery to Framework7 V5.
Everything seems fine so far.
Only I rely a lot on the command

simulate android --target=chrome

To test the app before running it into mobile or emulator…

How can I handle that in a Framework7 Project?

If I run it in F7 root folder, “simulate” says the folder is not a Cordova project, if I enter Cordova subfolder, the files are not in sync until the next build…

Any suggestion or alternative path?



I guess another way of expressing this point is:

Is there anything preventing me from working with pure cordova cli commands inside the “cordova/” directory once I created Framework7 project and assets?

Do I loose any F7 functionality?

You can just cd in the ‘cordova’ folder in your Framework7 project and run regular cordova cli commands from there on. In fact, this is what framework7 cli does when you run 'framework7 cordova ':

Hi Tim
thanks for answer.

Actually, yes, I know that I can. The question is:

is there any issue in doing that (in working straight in “cordova/” directory)?

Clearly the “www/” folder inside Framework7 project will not be updated but probably it’s not relevant. I’m just missing experience to confirm this is not an issue in both short and long term when dealing with F7 V5

Anyone has experience in this (testing F7 V5 cordova projects with “simulate”) ?

No any issues at all

Cool thanks! This is also probably answering also the question here:

You can build your F7 directory structure and assets (BTW: thanks for the assets: it saves a lot of headaches) and then just work in “myproject/cordova/” directory with all normal cordova cli commands (like “simulate”)

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