Cordova-sqlite-storage not working in framework7?

I’m figuring out how to use cordova-sqlite-storage plugin on android. I used echotest functionality of the plugin to look if it is working but it do not alert in OnDeviceReady event.

function onDeviceReady(){
window.sqlitePlugin.echoTest(function() {
	alert('ECHO test OK');

I believe someone here must have used this plugin. If yes, it would be helpful if you can share some resource or possible troubleshooting steps.

I’m new of using framework7, have the same problem and not found yet the solution. Did you solved it?

I solved that issue, but i suggest you to use localStorage, localforage or pouchdb. If you still want to use the plugin, you can tell me and I will send the code.

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I followed your suggestion, localstorage is enough to store some data and let server take care the rest.