Core F7 vs vue+F7 or react+F7

i notice alot of what seems to be overlap in functionality between the core F7 and vue.js or react. What im wondering is, what advantage would someone have using the vue.js version of F7 vs just the F7 core? What would the vue version be able to do that the core cannot? Is it just a matter of preference (if someone is already used to vue) or are there things vue does that F7 dosen’t do on its own without it? Is it the goal of framework7 to be a complete alternative to things like react or vue?

Basically nothing. It just a matter of “tools” and what you have used to use. Everything what is possible with Vue/React is possible with Core. Some things are just more simple to implement with Vue/React, some not. Main purpose of these frameworks is reactivity and composing your app with reusable components.

If you are not familiar with Vue/React and how they work then just go with F7 Core and don’t waste your time to learn them at this stage.

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Ждем компонетов, которые будут использоваться не только в роутере, а как шаблон :slight_smile: Например, карточка товара на экране “новинки”, “акции” и в каком-нибудь разделе каталога.