Correct way to call cordova functions in Framework7 cli

Hi, i use the new version (Framework7-cli webpack), and i can’t call cordova plugins in pages, what the best way to do this?

Everything should work as in the manual Cordova, bug elsewhere.
Plugins called after initialization?

In Framework7-cli when I export via npm run dev, cordova don’t be included,

      <div id="app"></div>
      <% if (process.env.TARGET === 'cordova') { %>
      <script src="cordova.js"></script>
      <% } %>

How I can use cordova plugins in wpa with framework7-cli if framework7 cordova run browser don’t work?

cordova.js is loaded inside a Cordova project (on your phone, osx, windows, etc…), but NOT in a standard browser


Ok, thanks for help me.