Count Badge on Calendar Date

How to add Count Badge on Calendar date like this?


Please provide your code with codesandbox

I dont have the code, im asking for the code.
framework7 has a plain calendar component. but i want to add a count badge on dates.

how to do it?

We are not coding service, there is not build in function just for badge.
Try and when you are stuck we’ll help you.

dude, im new to framework7, i see there is a vannila version of calendar component in FW7. Im asking a guide/code on how to achieve this. Im not asking for a full source code for my project.

There’s that in f7: timeline calendar-timeline
You can edit this and add a badge:

<div class="timeline-item-date">20</div>

Start by using the Badge component. The look you want is mostly designed for tab buttons or navbar buttons, but I’m sure you could rework it for a set of repeating divs.

Thanks, thats helpful !!!