Create v6 project with cli

Hi @nolimits4web

Just a quick question. I am planning on creating f7+react project based on the upcoming v6 branch. Is there a way to generate a project with the current cli, or maybe an existing template i can use to create a shiny project based on f7+react v6?
I don’t mind any pre-release bugs, infact will be happy to use the v6 in my project and report bugs, by the time final version comes out i will have a good solid part of project ready.


Well, it is possible to convert existing F7 CLI project to v6 but will be hard for you because there is no docs and migration guides yet. Let’s try the following, create new project with CLI, right when it is finished (without your modifications), make the GitHub repo with it. And i will try to do a PR with it converting to v6