Creating a New Framework7 App

Hi All,

I am trying to create a New Framework7 App with the command:

Framework7 create --ui

The creation process always stops at the point of creating cordova project:

:heavy_check_mark: Generating package.json
:heavy_check_mark: Creating required folders structure
:heavy_check_mark: Installing NPM Dependencies
:heavy_check_mark: Installing NPM Dev Dependencies
:heavy_check_mark: Executing NPM Scripts
Creating Cordova project (Please wait, it can take a while)

I have tried this over four times now without success. What could be wrong?


Nosa Osahon

Probably something goes wrong within Cordova command, but you can’t see it’s output. You can try to generate a dummy Cordova project from command line, and see it’s direct output. Something like:

cordova create ./dummy-app DummyApp

In my case. I have updated node to version 6.14.8 and it worked.