Creating cordova project using Framework7 CLI

OS : Ubuntu
Cordova v 9.0.1
Node v12.0.1
NPM v6.14.5
F7CLI Version 3.3.2

Command : Framework7 create --ui

Result :
:heavy_multiplication_x: Error checking update
Error: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established

Other scenario :
Another one when I use –skipupdate into a command, it proceeds and succefully generated a local but when I’m done for the setup of my project and I submit it then the build is success but in the process of npm creating cordova project the process has been timeout I dont know why but doesn’t have a return an error. I tried “npm start” but didn’t work and I tried also to add an icon using framework7 generate-assets --ui for android and ios but couldn’t upload the image. Anyone here had this same problem? Thank you

Use --skipUpdate with upper letters