Crosswalk Phonegapbuild

Hello team,

This is not a typical F7 question but you could still help me. Does anyone here know how to configure and have a successful build installing crosswalk as a default webview? Google has not helped but it all feels like it betters performance of a cordova app. Thanks in advance

i use it years ago
so things might have been changed

<!--last cli that support cw (7.0.1)-->
<preference name="phonegap-version" value="cli-7.0.1"/>
<!--add plugin-->
<plugin name="cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview" spec="2.3.0"/>

which will produce arm & x86 in one (huge) file

if you want to separate them
you can add the below plugin
this plugin will NOT be added to your final apk
it only “help” you to create separete apk (arm|x86)

<!-- arm only -->
<plugin name="cordova-build-architecture" spec="" source="git" />

<!-- x86 only
<plugin name="cordova-build-architecture" spec="" source="git" />
<preference name="buildArchitecture" value="x86" />

read the drawbacks of crosswalk